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One of my goals is to provide the next step in a team-based rehabilitation program, with you the audiologist, being the typical point of entry. Our programs compliments and supports your work by helping patients maximize their personal and professional potentials, hearing loss or not! 

Our programs are done through a combination of mentoring, informational workshops and one-on-one coaching.


I draw from my two-year Peer Mentoring Certification from Gallaudet University and my own life and personal growth experiences while living with hearing loss.


Our programs are for your patients:

  • Who are plagued by unforeseen life challenges as a result of, or associated with their hearing loss

  • Who you believe will benefit from my assistance

  • Who will appreciate the program's guidance towards hearing loss acclimation via aural rehabilitation/habilitation and specialized life coaching.

Have questions?

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Audiologist/Hearing Dispenser


I understand that your major goal is to provide your patients with the best hearing experience possible. You draw on your knowledge and skill in recommending and programming the best possible hearing aids, cochlear implants and assistive listening devices.

In addition, you want to help your patients successfully adapt to their hearing loss. This involves educating them on the practical aspects of living with and accepting their hearing loss. This education involves, but is not limited to, in-depth discussions of  day-to-day living with hearing loss. 


Unfortunately there is a limit to how much time can be spent by the Audiologist on this second step as it is very labor intensive and not practical from a time and insurance perspective.


This is where Hearing Loss Evolution services as a compliment to the second step of helping your patients adapt to their hearing loss. I seamlessly dovetails with your rehabilitation plans.


To quote one satisfied Audiologist: "Pat compliments what I do through offering tools that reassures and supports my patients and the work that I do"


How You Benefit:

  • Provide your patients with the life skills they need, but are difficult, costly and time-consuming for you to provide, knowing that they're not covered by the patient's insurance.

  • Help patients appreciate what you can and do provide, ensuring patient retention, add-on and upgrade opportunities, and promoting patient referrals.


What You Can Offer through Hearing Loss Evolution:

Our Workshops:

  1. Coming to Terms with Hearing Loss: Six-Session on-line workshop with PowerPoint and group texting, no oral. (Also offered on-site on a as need basis.)
    Workshop includes:

    • Discussing and processing fears and concerns on living with hearing loss

    • Going over technical tools and strategies to aid in living with hearing loss

    • Going over common sense strategies for everyday living with hearing loss

  2. Communication Strategies for People with Hearing Loss and the People they communicate with (Communication Partners)

  3. Hearing Loss Evolution and its Nine Guiding Principles

One-on-One Coaching

Using the Nine Guiding Principles of the Hearing Loss Evolution, we guide your patient  to talk about and process their fears and challenges.

Help your patients live a better life with their hearing loss.

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