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We know who we are, we know how we feel and we know how we think. But when we're challenged hearing, it’s hard to be ourselves. That's why there can be tension between who we are and who we’re forced to be. 

But we do the best we can. It may not be easy, but we know that hearing loss doesn't mean we're dumb or slow, but rather it's just hearing loss.  

To talk more about living your best life with hearing loss go to my one-on-one coachingworkshops and speaking engagements.

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Hearing loss is invisible.

Unless people know you have a hearing loss, observe your hearing aids or recognize that you’re not understanding them, there’s no way for them to know. Even if they do observe these signs, they may not know what to do so you can understand them more easily.

Communication Disorder

Hearing loss is a communication disorder – not only does it affect you but it also affects whomever you’re talking with (We call that person your communication partner).

Living and Dealing with Hearing Loss

How we deal with these challenging situations defines how we live our lives. Do we let people know we have a hearing loss when we haven’t heard them or do we hide it and pretend we’ve heard them? Do we advocate for ourselves by asking people to talk to us so we can hear them or do we pretend that we hear them?


If we are uncomfortable letting people know we have a hearing loss and ask them to speak to us in a manner that we’re more comfortable with, we can become isolated, withdrawn, anxious and depressed.

Challenging Situations

People with hearing loss experience challenges on a daily basis especially when:

  • In group environments when more than one person is talking at a time

  • Surrounded by ambient noise and reverberations

  • Talking to someone who speaks softly, quickly or mumbles

  • Talking with a person with an accent

  • Hearing the words of a conversation but not understanding them.

  • Talking on the phone

  • Someone says, “never mind” when asked to repeat.



I truly encourage you to enroll in one of my online workshops to learn how to function better on a daily basis with hearing loss. As a result, you'll learn how to:

  • Be able to communicate more easily

  • Comprehend conversations as a result of these tools

  • No need to bluff

  • Be able to advocate for yourself easily

  • Feel better as you will be engaged

  • Feel better about yourself all around

  • Have the tools to advocate for yourself confidently

  • Learn how to read your audiogram to understand changes in your loss and work better with your audiologist


Young girl with hearing aid


Hearing Loss Evolution offers 3 different workshops and personal "one-on-one" coaching:

  • Workshop: Coming to Terms with Hearing Loss. This is a six-week on-line workshop using group texting (no oral) for communications.

  • Workshop: Coming to Terms with Hearing Loss on-site.

  • Workshop: Hearing Loss Evolution and its Nine Guiding Principles (both online and on-site)

  • Workshop: Communication Strategies for People with Hearing Loss and Their Communication Partners

  • One-on-one coaching (in person or on-line through video conferencing)

Hearing Loss Evolution provides you with the tools to help make your life easier:

  • Develop an understanding of your hearing loss and what it means to you. Does it negatively define you or is it simply a part of who you are?

  • Develop ways to let people know you have a hearing loss so they may be aware and understand how to address you properly. (no more bluffing).

  • Understand and use technical tools: Assistive Listening Devices (ALD), Auditory Training (AT)

  • Practical knowledge: Knowing the right words to use to let people be aware of your hearing loss, Communication Strategies
    Auditory fatigue or understanding why we get tired after conversing


Through deep listening and encouragement, I use the specific steps of the Nine Guiding Principles of the Hearing Loss Evolution, accompanied by Myers Briggs Personality Indicator to help people with hearing loss live their best life in the hearing world.


What People Are Saying

"Your Hearing Loss Revolution will be a 

life goal for me."

~ Dave G, person with hearing loss

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