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Whether it's your child or spouse, a parent, a dear friend, or a co-worker, we all have someone in our life with a hearing issue.

With that comes challenging situations that can make YOU frustrated because you don't know the best way to help.


Read more below, and I encourage you to sign up by yourself or together with your friend, family or co-worker.


Friends, Family and Co-workers of People with Hearing Loss


Challenging Situations

  • Do you find it difficult to communicate with your friends or loved ones with hearing loss?

  • Do you get frustrated when you know they didn’t hear you, but they pretend they do? (We call this bluffing)

  • Do you wonder if they’re just not paying attention?

  • Do you wonder if they comprehend what you’ve said? (hearing versus understanding)

  • Do you know the kindest way to tell a person with hearing loss when they’ve misheard what you said but you don’t want to embarrass them?

Would you benefit from:

  • Learning strategies for more effective communications?

  • Understanding what a person with hearing loss goes through to hear on a daily basis?

  • Discussing your needs in a one-on-one session?


Hearing Loss Evolution offers:



  • You'll be able to communicate with a hearing impaired person more fluidly and experience more satisfying conversations.

  • You will be less likely to have miscommunications that can sometimes be misinterpreted by the hearing impaired person.

  • You will have a more knowledgeable understanding of what hearing loss entails.


“I never realized why my co-worker never seemed to be on the ball or contribute to our discussions. Now I know he simply didn’t hear. From this workshop I learned how to recognize someone with a hearing loss and how to talk to them so that they hear me best.”

~ Robert, person with normal hearing

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