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“Your Hearing Loss Revolution will be a life goal for me”. 

~ David G, person with hearing loss.


“Hearing Loss Evolution and its Nine Guiding Principles”

This is Pat’s flagship presentation. Her keynote speech is targeted for anyone who is affected by hearing loss, which means people with hearing loss but also their friends, family and co-workers, as they are affected too.


With a growing reputation as a motivational speaker, Pat’s innovative perspective provides excitement and long-term value. Her presentations will motivate both special interest and general audiences through her passion of turning disabilities into abilities.


"Communication Strategies for people with hearing loss and the people they communicate with"


This talk presents strategies for both people with hearing loss and for the people they communicate with. As a result of these tools, communications improve.


In addition it explores the feelings of people with hearing loss as they struggle to hear. It also explores the feelings of their communication partners.


"Turning Challenges into Opportunities"

We all have challenges in our lives. It’s what we do with these challenges that separates one person from the next. Hearing loss is of course, only one challenge as life constantly presents challenges. This motivational talk is inspirational and funny at the same time.

With a growing reputation as a motivational speaker, Pat’s innovative perspective and recommendations provide excitement and long-term value. This  presentation will motivate both special-interest and general audiences through her passion to turn disabilities into abilities.


Based on availability, I'm delighted to come speak for an hour to your civic association if you are local in the Central New Jersey area.

If you're located outside of New Jersey, I will travel to you for a per diem fee to take care of my travel and time.

Click here to contact me directly and let's have a look at dates!

Look forward to speaking for your group.

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