I help people explore what hearing loss means to them. This exploration helps them discover how to advocate for themselves in their own unique way.  

I do this because I’m an unshakable optimist that wants every person with hearing loss feel confident and comfortable advocating for themselves.

SPECIFIC TOPICS include but are not limited to:

  • Examining one's feelings about hearing loss 

  • Examining how one's friends and family look at  your hearing loss

  • Dealing with work environment

  • Dealing with challenging hearing environments like parties or restaurants

  • Dealing with dating and other social situations

  • Exploring assistive listening devices

  • Advocating for yourself.

  • Advocating for access in public venues.

  • Using Auditory Rehabilitation with a Speech Pathologist can benefit you


Gallaudet University Certified Peer Mentor


Myers Briggs Practitioner

RScP Practitioner

30 Years Experience Coaching

40 Years experience living with hearing loss

Right now all coaching is done on-line through video conferencing with live transcription.


Through a journey of self-discovery, and time I realized there's so much more to hearing loss than just having trouble hearing ......


It can be be exhausting, upsetting, and discrediting. It can affect everyone and everything in your life. You can decide to bluff through it, deny it, withdraw socially, or wish you were someone else.


ALTERNATELY, you can accept it, improve it, and live life to its fullest. This has become my continued journey of self-discovery.


At Gallaudet University's two-year Peer Mentoring program for hearing loss this was not only re-affirmed but also how to help people with hearing loss feel empowered, understood, and more specifically, how to deal with everyday situations that life presents us with.


Today I look forward to sharing these tools with you.

Location:  At this point, all sessions are held on-line using video conferencing that has live transcript.


Gallaudet University Certified Peer Mentor for Hearing Loss


Myers Briggs Practitioner

RScP Practitioner

30 Years Experience Coaching


I used Pat for training & coaching after my first cochlear implant surgery.  She was very attentive & helpful.  I highly recommend Pat Dobbs as a coach. First rate, five stars.

~ Mary-Ellen, a person with two cochlear implants