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SafeNClear Communicator Mask Review

SafeNClear Communicator Mask Review

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Ninety-three percent of communication is in the non-verbal facial cues; improve communication with The Communicator clear mask.


One of the most difficult things we face is communicating with our medical and dental professionals. That can be a real problem when communication is the single most important aspect of our relationship with medical professionals.

The Communicator mask from Safe 'N' Clear allows the patient to see the mouth of medical professionals.

Why Use The Communcator Surgical Facemask?

  • FDA approved

  • Level 1 Fluid Protection 80mm

  • Only TRANSPARENT face mask on the market

  • Approved for HCPCS code (for reimbursement)

  • ASTM Level 1; can be used in OR

  • Puts children at ease because they can see your mouth

  • Improves rapport between medical provider and patient

  • Improves understanding

  • Helps hospitals meet Effective Communication in ADA and Primary

  • Consideration in Affordable Care Act

  • Made in USA

For more information, contact Pat!

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