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1. Our lives define us, not our hearing loss.



Whether you participate in an online workshop from the comfort of your own home or at a workshop on site, I can promise you that this will be meaningful and valuable information that will change your negative feelings about your hearing loss.


Coming to Terms with Hearing Loss

Six-Week On-Line Workshop Covering

  • Exploring your feelings about hearing loss; the psychological affects of hearing loss

  • Learning technical solutions that can help you hear better especially in challenging situations

  • Exploring common sense strategies to help making living with hearing loss easier


Since this program is designed for people with hearing loss, we utilizes group texting as the communication mode for participants to engage in the online conversations and Powerpoint as its bacbone.

Coming to Terms with Hearing Loss

Six-Week Onsite Workshop 

The onsite workshop includes the same information as the online sessions but we offer it LIVE!

This is perfect for small groups who want to learn together in person, for corporations who want us to work one-on-one with a hearing impaired employee, and for associations focused on accommodating seniors who may be experiencing a difficult transition as their hearing declines.

Hearing Loss Evolution

and Its Nine Guiding Principles

This is offered both on-site or on-line with group texting.


This workshop is based on Pat's keynote talk, the Hearing Loss Evolution and it's Nine Guiding Principles. Its goal is for hearing loss and hearing aids to be as easily accepted as bad eye sight and eye glasses.

Communication Strategies for 

People with hearing loss and the

People they communicate with

This is offered both on-site or on-line with group texting.

Do you know someone with hearing loss – a loved one, a friend or a co-worker? If you do, you may have experienced some challenges communicating with him/her. 


“I was always afraid to admit that I had a hearing loss – I was afraid that I would be typecast as slow or less intelligent. What I learned from course is that by NOT admitting I had a hearing loss really did type cast me negatively. Now I understand how to communicate better by asking my co-workers to talk to me so I can hear them best. I feel liberated and free to perform my job so much better without the encumbrance of the negative stereotype.” 

~ Henry, a person with hearing loss

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